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2018 ETP Spring Forum – New York City

April 24, 2018 – New York Athletic Club

New York Athletic ClubWith more than $2 Trillion in U.S. listed ETF assets, the demand from the Financial Advisor and Institutional communities continues to grow for what many hail as the premiere investment vehicle of the future. With ETFs providing access to markets formerly only available to select institutions, what’s the best way of positioning your portfolio for 2018? With oil near multi-year lows, equity markets near record highs, QE stimulus packages taking place around the world and U.S. interest rates expected to go higher, are we at an inflection point in various asset classes?

What To Expect

This comprehensive 1 day program has been built upon the premise of allowing Advisors & Institutions the opportunity to take a deep dive into the most relevant investment themes this year. Our 5-star speaking faculty will be at your disposal to address cutting edge topic and answer questions like the above.


  • Identifying the best sectors to invest in for 2018

  • Fixed Income: Positioning your portfolio as the bull market comes to an end
  • Incorporating strategic beta strategies into your portfolio
  • Volatility Strategies: To hedge or not to hedge
  • Accessing Liquid Alts through ETPs
  • The QE Stimulus Phenomena: Which foreign markets should you invest in
  • ETF Model Portfolios: Are they right for you
  • The rise of the Robo Advisor: How to position your practice accordingly


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